HealthHarmonie and Docman: enhancing the digital transfer of care


NHS service provider chooses DocmanHub to send encounter reports digitally to GPs

HealthHarmonie, an independent company providing NHS community services, has chosen Docman Hub to send encounter reports digitally to 900 GP practices.

Operating across 27 CCGs; HealthHarmonie offer a range of services including non-obstetric ultrasound, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, and minor surgery.

Docman Hub is used by more than 120 providers to send structured clinical communication between care settings.

The hub enables providers to send and receive a variety of clinical and non-clinical documents safely and securely, ensuring the timely delivery with a full audit trail.

Ami Galbraith, operations and project manager at HealthHarmonie, said: “We see over 85,000 patients a year and send between 1500-1700 reports to GPs each week.

“We chose Docman Hub to enhance the way we send reports and to ensure they are delivered instantly.

It’s a safer, faster, and more-efficient way to send confidential information.

“We’ve had really positive feedback from GPs. They are really happy with the way the information is delivered and the way it assists them in delivering care to their patients.”

Fran Kirke, commercial director at Docman, added: “We’re delighted to be supporting another independent healthcare provider to benefit from sending reports using our Docman Hub solution.

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“This also means GP practices benefit from receiving information electronically in this way and provides a seamless handover and communication process through our clinical software platform.”