Honeywell\'s 2000 series single-use folding masks offer comfort and convenience


Easily adjustable to a range of facial shapes and sizes

Honeywell's latest range of single-use folding masks are said to offer visual comfort, convenience and protection. The 2000 series has a low-profile shape that offers a solution to the problem of poor compatibility with other personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses.

'The 2000 series from Honeywell is an important product introduction as it offers new levels of comfort in single-use folding masks. Users forget they are wearing the mask as it fits just like a second skin,' said Olivier Cheron, Respiratory Product Manager at Honeywell Safety Products. 'In tests we ran, 85% of users gave positive feedback on the 2000 series for mask design, protection, wearing comfort and breathing comfort.'

Honeywell says the mask is comfortable, convenient and protective

Honeywell says the mask is comfortable, convenient and protective

In addition to a low profile, the 2000 series has an ultra-flat, metal-free nose bridge which can be easily adjusted to ensure that it is perfectly sealed against leaks. It is also colour-coded (FFP1/ Yellow; FFP2/Green; FFP3/Orange) to enable immediate identification of the protection level.

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The masks are easily adaptable to a range of facial shapes and sizes and the nose seal is constructed from the ultra-soft, hypo-allergenic and anti-perspirant three-layer Willtech material. They also weigh from 7g to 14g and have welded braided straps to help prevent irritation at the fixing point. The 2000 series masks also supplied with a reusable bag that not only protects the masks from contamination prior to use, but also offers protection because they are stored in an airtight environment.