Interfurn introduces AIR-FLEX UCV Canopy Series


New range delivers low-noise, energy-efficient, ultra-clean ventilation for modern operating theatres

Specialist hospital and healthcare engineering company, Interfurn, has launched its range of redesigned state-of-the-art UCV canopies.

The AIR-FLEX UCV Canopy Series delivers a complete range of low-noise, energy-efficient, ultra-clean ventilation (UCV) canopies designed to provide innovative solutions for modern operating theatres as standard - whatever the requirements.

The AIR-FLEX Series provides the ideal solution for new theatres, like-for-like canopy replacements or upgrades - even replacing canopies by other manufacturers straight out of the box or converting existing rooms into ultra clean theatres, even when space is tight.

In addition, all canopies in the AIR-FLEX range can easily be integrated with most theatre equipment, lighting and pendants on the market today, making it the most-flexible UCV canopy range on the market today.

The range includes:


A differential-flow, screenless, flush-fitting ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopy ideally suited to ultra-clean operating theatre or canopy upgrades requiring a like-for-like replacement, or for new installations.

Boasting exceptional energy efficiency and lower-than-standard sound emissions (typically achieving NR45), positions the AIR-FLEX+ firmly at the forefront of UCV technology available on the market today.

Engineered as the ideal solution for retrofit or upgrade projects, it can be installed as a like-for-like replacement for older canopies, including those manufactured and installed by other providers.

The main unit is designed to fit most existing ductwork, with little to no additional work, significantly reducing the need for costly and time-consuming remedial works.

Fully HTM 03-01 compliant, and available in three standard sizes; 2.8sq m, 3.2sq m and 3.5sq m, the AIR-FLEX+ also features Interfurn's 'Intelligent Response Control System' (IRCS).

The IRCS provides full monitoring and control of the fans making it one of the most responsive UCV canopy solutions on the market today, straight out of the box.

The AIR-FLEX Custom

A fully HTM 03-01 compliant, completely custom built UCV solution designed to accommodate more-difficult spaces, such as building or room conversions.

The low height profile (approximately half the depth of comparable UCV canopies on the market today) of the AIR-FLEX CUSTOM canopy unit makes it especially suitable for room conversions.

And, where structural features cannot be moved, the AIR-FLEX Custom is simply built around them, making it an incredibly-adaptable UCV solution.

Almost any size square or rectangular canopy is possible to fit the dimensions of your theatre exactly. It can also be fully integrated with most modern theatre equipment, making it ideal for the modern hybrid theatre.

As with all canopies in the AIR-FLEX UCV Series, the AIR-FLEX CUSTOM offers exceptional energy efficiency and much-improved sound attenuation, reaching at least NR45.

Screenless, and completely flush fitting to the ceiling, the canopy maximises ceiling height and allows unobstructed access within the clean zone.

Low-level recirculation is the usual choice to prevent entrainment. However, if space is limited, high-level recirculation may be specified.

The AIR-FLEX Curve

The fully HTM 03-01 compliant AIR-FLEX Curve offers a unique, adaptable and sleek, skirtless, flush-fitting circular or rounded-corner UCV option, suitable for both new-build and retrofit ultra-clean operating theatres and clean rooms.

By removing the canopy corners, entrainment is eliminated, making the AIR-FLEX Curve up to 22% more energy-efficient in comparison to most conventional square and rectangular designs on the market today.

The AIR-FLEX Curve provides low-turbulence airflow within the clean zone, eliminating sudden pressure drops and maintaining a temperature differential of only 0.5°C within the clean zone.

The circular canopy is available in two standard diameters, 3.36m or 3.92m in diameter (to comply with HTM 03-01), whilr the square or rectangular rounded corner options are available in custom sizes to meet most theatre requirements.

The AIR-FLEX Curve is a highly effective UCV canopy, providing a comfortable, draught-free ultra-clean theatre environment with low noise emissions.

As an added benefit, all new AIR-FLEX UCV canopies now come with up to five-years extended warranty, free of charge, when you take out a service and maintenance plan with the company.

This means that hospital and healthcare facilities choosing a canopy from the AIR-FLEX Series won’t simply breathe innovation into their operating theatres, but will also benefit from the peace of mind that Interfurn’s extended warranty and comprehensive service and maintenance plan options provide.

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