NHS Tayside launches app to help IBS sufferers


Software helps IBS patients to access information and better manage their condition

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are set to benefit from a new app launched by NHS Tayside in partnership with Inhealthcare.

The health board is implementing the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pathway from the Scottish Government’s new Modernising Patient Pathways Programme.

People are diagnosed within primary care and referred to NHS dietitians who then register them onto the new service. They are then able to access trusted information at any time to help them understand and manage their condition.

The app helps people to track their symptoms over time and identify any changes. They can also request extra support from dietitians as and when needed.

The new service reduces the time taken for people to start receiving specialist advice and support from weeks to days.

And, if they have not shown any signs of improvement after four weeks on the service, they can request further support from the dietitian and move onto the next stage in the management pathway.

The app has been funded by the Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care Programme and the Modernising Patient Pathways Programme.

NHS Tayside nutrition managed clinical network programme manager and professional dietetic advisor to the Scottish Government’s Modernising Patient Pathways Programme, Jacqueline Walker, said: “IBS is a complex condition with many contributing factors, which can include diet, stress and anxiety.

“We launched this service with Inhealthcare to strengthen self management, deliver care closer to home, and speed up access to clinicians for those with the greatest need.”

Georgia Nelson, regional sales manager at Inhealthcare, added: “This new service is built around the needs of people with IBS so they can access help and support at a time convenient to them.

“This empowers individuals as they come to terms with their condition and frees up clinicians to spend time with people who need the most care.”

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“The first cohort of people with IBS have been given access to the app. It is hoped the service will be rolled out more widely in the coming months.”