New heart valve procurement framework launched


NHS Supply Chain initiative offers 650 lines from eight suppliers

NHS Supply Chain has announced the launch of a new heart valves framework agreement.

The procurement initiative was unveiled to mark National Heart Month, which aims to raise awareness and fundraising for people with heart conditions in the UK.

The framework offers 242 new lines of equipment, boosting the total offering to around 650 lines from eight suppliers.

Under the new deal a wider product range will enable clinicians to utilise the most appropriate product for their patient’s treatment.

Not only will more products be available, but the opportunity for greater savings and personalised solutions for trusts will also be possible.

Jonathan Oram, a buyer at NHS Supply Chain, said: “Buying heart valves through our new framework will present several benefits to trusts. Not only does our new framework simplify the procurement process for trusts, but more importantly it enables trust’s clinical support teams to focus on product evaluations rather than timely procurement procedures.

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“We are always striving to develop new procurement processes, which help trusts buy more efficiently and generate greater savings.”