Path labs at Kettering General get antimicrobial cable system


Newly upgraded pathology laboratories at Kettering General Hospital in Northamptonshire have been fitted with Marshall-Tufflex's all-curved Odyssey Bio antimicrobial cable containment system to enhance infection control measures within the sterile services unit. Part of a major £1.1m refurbishment to the pathology departments by Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust, the project involved the fitting of more than 400 linear metres of Odyssey Bio in a phased 18-month programme of works while the department remained up and running. The curved profile of the system means it avoids the collection of dust, and bacteria-fighting, silver-based active ingredients are embedded in the PVC-U during manufacture, rather than applied as a surface coating, improving infection control qualities. Project consultant, Jens Haugaard, said: "I like the fact the antimicrobial formula is integral to the plastic so that, despite what happens to it, it will continue to do its job. Additionally, its curvature is easy to wipe clean."

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