Series of films helps support heart failure patients


The Sound Doctor launches initiative to improve patient self management

The Sound Doctor is offering clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) a ground-breaking film series to improve patient self-management of heart failure.

The Sound Doctor’s 40 new films – covering definitions, symptoms, diagnosis, medicines, prevention, related conditions, mental health, rehabilitation, and more – are designed to deliver an innovative, money-saving resource across the country.

Available for £5,000 in an introductory offer, the films comprise expertise from leading medical specialists, The British Heart Foundation, and patients.

Dr James Kingsland OBE, a GP, said: “Patient involvement in their own care, especially for long-term conditions, is fundamental.

“When patients improve self care, they enjoy a better quality of life and reduce the number of GP and hospital visits they need to make.”

Given that heart failure affects around 900,000 Britons, with only strokes costing the NHS more to treat, the argument for adopting new methods of treatment is strong.

And death rates for the condition haven’t improved since the 1990s.

Dr Mike Knapton, GP and associate medical director at The British Heart Foundation, said: “Usually, patients will be spending 10-15 minutes with a doctor every three months.

Most of the time, they’re going to be looking after their condition themselves and, therefore, part of the treatment, in my view, is giving them enough information like facts and where to go for help if they’re in trouble.

“I think the education and providing information to patients is as important as the drug treatment, in terms of managing it.”

The Sound Doctor was founded by senior broadcasting professionals, Dominic Arkwright and Rosie Runciman.

Launching the new films, Runciman said: “It’s so important for patients to have the best-possible information when they are asked to manage a long-term condition.

“With heart failure, there is so much that people can do at home to help themselves - if they have the right tools.

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“Our films have the range and depth and ‘watchability’ to make them a really effective self-management tool.