System C and IMMJ Systems team up


Partnership provides integrated electronic document management solution

System C and IMMJ Systems have teamed up to provide full integration of the MediViewer EDM with Medway EPR.

The MediViewer EDM solution is built by IMMJ Systems specifically for UK healthcare and aims to deliver a paperless NHS. Its primary goal is to enable hospitals to scan, index, retrieve and archive paper medical records and access them quickly through an intuitive user interface.

Under the new partnership agreement, the two systems are being very tightly integrated, using intelligent software to achieve the most secure and efficient level of inter-operation possible.

The tight integration will enable Medway users to launch the EDM solution from within Medway and access any patient-related documentation from multiple sources. This means a clinician can view documents for any patient on an outpatient list, for example, without having to log onto a separate system or select the patient manually. Any notes or letters generated within Medway are posted to the EDM solution automatically.

IMMJ’s integrated software can cut financial overheads for the storage of physical medical records. In addition, due to its use of smart indexing, it can save clinical time by enabling rapid and easy access to a patient’s history.

“We are working with our clients on a massive drive to remove paper and for hospitals EDMS provides a huge and proven opportunity to increase efficiency and save money”, said Markus Bolton, joint chief executive of System C.

“One of our trusts achieved savings of £1m a year on moving and storing paper notes and we want to help all of our sites go paperless in this way”, he added.

MediViewer’s comprehensive audit features can also reduce legal liabilities by storing the actual, in-context, version of an original record that will stand up to audit scrutiny.

“Building EDMS into hospital workflows and achieving the real benefits of integration requires a close working relationship with a flexible and capable EPR supplier and we are delighted to be working with System C on this project”, said Max Smith, director of IMMJ Systems. Sign up for your free email newsletter

“This partnership and access to the Medway user base will make a big difference to our ability to deploy at volume.”