Textile diffuser panels improve interior climate


KE Fibertec unveils new HVAC solution for suspended ceiling systems in healthcare facilities

KE Fibertec, specialist in textile ducts for HVAC systems, has launched a new textile diffuser for suspended ceiling systems.

The new diffusers, known as FBS panels, have been developed to provide draught-free air distribution for suspended ceilings and a better alternative to the normal ceiling grilles which generate draughts and accumulate huge amounts of dust.

Ideal for schools, offices, healthcare buildings and other high-comfort environments; the system operates at a lower pressure than that of standard ceiling diffusers, thus optimising energy efficiency, in line with tough new government targets for NHS organisations.

Fresh air is evenly distributed across the entire surface of the panel, resulting in a healthy indoor environment without problems of draught.

The FBS panels are made of flame-retardant textile material with impermeable panel tops so the air is distributed into the room and not above the ceiling.

The entire visible surface is used actively for air distribution.

From an aesthetic point of view; the textile material of the panels can be specified in standard colours of white or light grey to blend with the ceiling finish, or in a range of special colours to make a statement or echo another colour theme within an interior.

The panels are made in 600mmx600mm and 600mmx1200mm sizes for standard suspended ceilings, and the plastic plenum chamber above the ceiling comes with a flexible outlet socket of 160mm-250mm diameter for connection to HVAC ducting.

The plenum chamber above the ceiling requires no more room above the ceiling than the diameter of the outlet socket.

And there are side, end, and combi outlet versions of the plenum chamber available to suit the configuration of above-ceiling ducting.

Suitable either for retrofitting with existing HVAC systems or for new-build projects; the panels greatly reduce the incidents of draughts or hot/cold spots in the occupied zone and thus create a much-more-even temperature in the room.

They are also extremely lightweight, are easily fitted to almost any ceiling type, and are simply unzipped from the ceiling panel for machine washing at 40°C so as to remove dust and maintain airflow.

Installation and maintenance of the FBS panels is quick and easy with no tools required.

For specifiers, they are available as BIM Objects and as MagiCad components for AutoCad and Revit.

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